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Tank Cleaning

12 IBC's delivered to our premises this week by an international paint manufacturer. Each of these units currently has approximately 1000 litres (£2000) worth of raw paint product inside, which has separated causing the valves to become blocked and rendering the units unusable.


With the cost of replacing IBC’s, tanks or any other type of mixing or storage vessel costing upwards of £2000, not to mention lost revenue in terms of having these units out of commission and product wastage, Operations & Production Managers are increasingly looking for cost effective solutions to their problems.

Here at Safe Industries Ltd we recognise this challenge; specialising in and offering a full tank cleaning and product recovery service both in-house here at our premises in Manchester and in-situ at our customers’ sites. Providing an economised alternative, at a fraction of the cost of replacement and product loss.


In this case the product of 28 units in total, will be recovered without cross contamination and returned to the customer to be reworked. The units themselves will be cleaned, decontaminated, fully functional and back in operation within as little as 24 hours dependant on certain variables. 


We have teams of operatives available to travel or alternatively, thanks to our relationship with our freight forwarding and transportation supplier, who have ADR registered drivers, we can organise the movement of the units to our site, via road, rail, air & sea, from anywhere in the UK and Europe. 


Size of units, tanks or vessels poses no obstacle to us, nor are we limited to the cleaning and/or recovery of paint. Thanks to our highly trained and skilled operatives who are specialised in confined space and hazardous working environments, we can assist customers looking for solutions for virtually any form of liquid or solid product removal or recovery.

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