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Specialist Coatings

Safe Industries specialise in the provision of the on site application of specialist coatings and protective coatings. Working with all the leading coating manufacturers to provide the most highly developed products to meet our customers' needs.  Our relationship with our suppliers is critical to our business and through their technological progress, investment, research, quality and testing we are able to deliver the highest quality and reliability attainable.  Safe Industries has the experience and capacity to undertake works using the following coatings:

Man Airbrushing

Intumescent Paint

Intumescent paint provides a passive and aesthetically pleasing fire protection measure, conforming to Building Regulations.


With the potential to expand to more than 100 times its original thickness, the product acts as a thermal insulator, keeping high temperatures away from structural members and protected openings, helping to prevent the loss of stability and reducing damage. In the presence of direct fire or extreme heat it aids to delay the time in which metal structures reach a collapse temperature of 538° C

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Protective Coatings

With the financial impact of corrosion to national assets estimated to be approximately £10billion per year nationwide, protective coatings when used on new or existing structures, provides protection from corrosion.


Industrially prepared and professionally applied protective coatings can be used on metal structures, including but not limited to: bridges, road & rail network gantries, electricity transmission towers, tanks and offshore rigs.

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Tank Coating & Tank Lining

Tanks require external protection from the environment and internal protection from and for the cargo or substance being stored, including petrochemical, liquid and food products.


Combating the specific adverse conditions accompanying the substance whilst not contaminating, tank linings and tank coatings are formulated to be chemically resistant, hygienic, functional in high temperatures and capable of application over previously damaged structures.  


Utilising the right coating or lining tanks can be repaired at a fraction of the cost of replacing.

Industrial Coatings

Industrial coatings may be used in a wide range of different contexts, but are primarily defined by their protective rather than aesthetic properties, although they can provide both.


The most common use of industrial coatings is for the corrosion control of steel or concrete, although their use covers a large range of differing requirements and functions.

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